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Facilitate communication and understanding among your employees.

Your employees will gain valuable perspective and useful tools for promoting successful communication across cultures through our training seminars. Native and non-native speakers will learn how to adapt to maintain positive, collaborative working relationships. Employees seeking to continue their language learning can get practical, hands-on training in large or small group workshops.


Call us today to discuss your company’s training needs and how we can help. We offer customized seminar and workshop options to match your budget and goals.

Support language learners on their journey.

Language learning is a journey that never truly ends. If you have learned a second language later in life, you know that “getting by” is not the same as being able to communicate easily and confidently in any speaking situation. If you haven’t learned a second language later in life, we encourage you to learn another language or connect with as many second language learners as you can to better understand the nature of what that process entails and the challenges that arise. Each person’s experience is different, so make sure to ask open-ended questions and listen with an open mind.


Pronunciation and language training are not about making communication comfortable for native speakers, but about making communication comfortable for second language learners! The most supportive companies provide a wide range of growth opportunities in these areas so that language learners can choose programs and engage in training that meet their specific needs. Many of our students have gone beyond what basic ESL classes have to offer, but still experience significant frustration on a daily basis. We go far beyond the basics and address communication as a whole so that language learners feel prepared and empowered.


We support English language learners in achieving a more fluent, nuanced level of communication that is necessary for giving and receiving feedback, handling negotiations, persuading others, and selling.

Training is not just for English language learners.

Communication training is not just for English language learners. Native speakers of American English benefit from training to improve the clarity of their message, the tone they set with their words and body language, and the power of their speaking style.


Benefits that communication training provides for your business:

Increased productivity

Improved teamwork and collaboration

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Increased self-confidence in employees

Ways we can help meet your needs:

On-site or remote presentations to raise awareness and understanding of linguistic diversity

On-site or remote presentations to increase employees' speaking confidence and effectiveness

On-site or remote workshops to improve pronunciation or business communication skills

Some of our speaking engagements:

UT Austin Speech and Hearing Sciences Masters’ Program: Guest Speaker on Accent Modification

Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce: Communicating with Confidence

Dell Technologies Latino Connection ERG: Pronunciation, Language, and Business Communication

Dell Technologies Asians in Action ERG: Understanding and Supporting Language Differences

UT Austin Special Programs: American English for Brazilian Teachers

UT Austin MPA Program: American English Pronunciation Mini-Workshop