Speech Training

Native and non-native speakers of English can benefit from training to improve the clarity of their speech and the delivery of their message.  Training can include correction of lingering speech errors from childhood, improved rate of speech, more precise enunciation, increased voice projection, and more.  We will customize a training program for you to address your speaking needs.  Don’t let your speech hinder your self-confidence or your advancement opportunities.

Training Goals

More precise articulation

Increased voice projection

Fluid message delivery

Polished message organization

Refined presentation skills

Enhanced self-confidence in speaking skills

Get ready to move to the next level in your career with clear and effective communication. Gain confidence in your speaking skills and ability to connect with your audience, whether you’re speaking with your manager, your team, or your customers.

Included in Your Course

Comprehensive evaluation of your speaking patterns

Fully customized, one-on-one instruction

Detailed feedback and home practice plans

Training provided by an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist

Flexible class times to work with your schedule

Get in touch with us to discuss your goals and see how we can help. We offer customized training courses that are developed to meet your specific needs. Need to work on other skills too? We can incorporate speaking skills into one of our accent or business communication training programs should you need those services as well.

  • Basic Package

  • $0/mo
    • Evaluation (approximately 1 hour)
    • 10 Hours of One-on-One Training
    • $1330

  • Standard Package

  • $0/mo
    • Evaluation (approximately 1 hour)
    • 15 Hours of One-on-One Training
    • $1850

  • Platinum Package

  • $0/mo
    • Evaluation (approximately 1 hour)
    • 20 Hours of One-on-One Training
    • $2310