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A believable accent requires attention to detail.

Perfect the accent or dialect you need for a current role or a role you’d love to land! We know the ins and outs of American English and how to get you to produce it quickly and consistently. In addition to our extensive experience teaching students from 44 different countries, we train other accent/dialect coaches in our proprietary method.


In addition to dialect coaching, actors and other talent learn to produce natural speech patterns, utilize stress and intonation for maximum impact, and adjust body language to match the context of the the performance.


Numerous actors and other on-screen talent have trusted us to coach them for TV series, films, voice-overs, plays, TV commercials, and more. Production of any type requires collaboration, flexibility, and strategic planning. We are experienced and ready to dive into your project with you!


The Rupp Method promotes accuracy and consistency using our unique, detailed system. Get the tools you need to make significant, lasting improvement.


Don't rely on imitation-- use our scientific, systematic approach to know what to do and how to do it, even when given new lines or content.


The most comprehensive instruction guide, practice materials, and audio files that you will find anywhere. The depth and breadth of our training content is unlike anything else available on the market.


Pinpoint inconsistencies in your target accent and build core skills for consistent production of any line, old or new.


We find a balance between talent gaining skills for consistency and mastering the immediate task at hand to ensure great results.


Production schedules are tight-- we understand and do our best to accommodate with flexible scheduling and on-location training.

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