Accent reduction training is designed for native and non-native speakers of English. Most of our students don’t want to eliminate their accent, but do want to eliminate barriers to successful, easy communication. We can help by teaching you the sounds, stress, and intonation patterns of American English.


We are passionate about language learning and believe that the process never truly ends. Learning American English does not take away from your native language, but broadens your worldview and enhances your ability to connect quickly and easily with others.


Some of our students strive to perfect their pronunciation of American English. We encourage that and welcome the challenge! Our proprietary method and materials will teach you the intricacies needed to sound like a native.


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Benefits of Accent Training

Improved clarity of speech

Increased ease of communication

Reduced misunderstandings and the need to repeat yourself

Increased self-confidence in your speaking skills

More professional image

Accent Training Programs

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