One-on-One Training

All of our individual courses include:

Comprehensive evaluation of your pronunciation patterns

Access to our e-learning site with video tutorials, audio files and expert tips

Fully customized one-on-one instruction with data tracking to monitor your success

Instruction provided by an experienced, certified trainer

Flexible class times to work with your schedule

Our programs are designed to make a significant overall impact in your pronunciation knowledge and skills by covering every necessary vowel, consonant, stress pattern, and more. Ramp your skills up quickly with our effective training sequence and training method. Gain confidence and know that you have the tools you need to be successful in any speaking situation.


Many people find that the standard program is a great place to start. Move beyond theory and get detailed feedback to achieve clear, successful communication. During your accent training program, we will also address your language needs, including grammar, vocabulary, and natural phrasing for American English.


Leverage our extensive experience and skills to take your skills to the next level. Send us a message or give us a call to set up your free consultation. We’ll speak with you over the phone to learn about your goals, assess your speaking patterns, and give you a recommendation for a training program.


In addition to offering the most comprehensive training materials available anywhere, we provide an e-learning platform to further enhance your learning. With access to over 800 lessons, extensive video tutorials, audio files and unique hands-on practice activities, you’ll have everything you need to make significant gains in between each training class.


All of our accent training programs include an evaluation session and one-on-one training with a Rupp Method trainer. There is a one-time $180 materials fee which includes one year of access to our robust e-learning site. You’ll also get access to our online student discussion forum.

  • Basic Package

  • $0/mo
    • Evaluation Session (approximately 1 hour)
    • 15 Hours of One-on-One Training
    • 1-Year Access to (our e-learning site)
    • $2150 + One-Time $180 Materials Fee

  • Standard Package

  • $0/mo
    • Evaluation Session (approximately 1 hour)
    • 25 Hours of One-on-One Training
    • 1-Year Access to (our e-learning site)
    • $3410 + One-Time $180 Materials Fee

  • Platinum Package

  • $0/mo
    • Evaluation Session (approximately 1 hour)
    • 40 Hours of One-on-One Training
    • 1-Year Access to (our e-learning site)
    • $5230 + One-Time $180 Materials Fee

Exclusive Online Access with Your Program

During your training program you’ll have access to our e-learning platform, Englission. Englission provides video tutorials, audio files, practice activities and additional content to reinforce and expand on the instruction provided during 1:1 sessions.


With your training program, you’ll also gain access to our private Facebook page. Post your questions, engage in discussion, get tips and feedback from your teacher to enhance your learning.

Committed to Your Progress

At Voices of the World, we are dedicated to providing the most complete, efficient, and thorough learning process for significant, lasting improvement to your communication skills. We have the credentials, experience, and training techniques that will get you the best results the first time around.